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    Thank you for taking the time to visit my portfolio. As a technologist, my interests are in software development, machine learning, and computer vision.

    I currently work as an Analytics Engineer at The DX Company, a web analytics engineering studio I founded this year.

    I am also in the process of transitioning to software engineering with machine learning emphasis. I will complete the RustLang bootcamp by end of year and will start the dual-degree MCIT/MSE-DS program at Penn Engineering this Spring.

    I look forward to connecting with you. Please reach out if you think we're a great fit as a contributor to your company or if you need help in setting up a solid foundation of web analytics for your business.

    Work Experience

    Professional work experience

    Analytics Engineer/Python Developer @ The DX Company

      • Started The DX Company - a data analytics studio and technology lab. We provide fractional analytics engineering as a service to startups and growing businesses. I have a technical role as a Segment owner as well as in building data pipelines and analytics setup.
    SegmentBig QueryPythonRustLang

    JAN 2023 - PRESENT

    Data Science Fellow @ CCBER

      • Built a Photogrammetry Pipeline (Metashape) for reconstructing 3D bee models to generate comprehensive bee trait and image datasets; aided in the biological study of image and anatomical trait digitization of bees (Big Bee Project)
      • Reduced Reprojection Error (pix) from 0.84 to 0.41 and processing time by 75% of pre-existing bee models through improving data collection, data augmentation, and parameter tuning on 16+ photo sets containing 145+ macro images
      • Trained an object detection model (YOLOv8) on 8000+ labeled bee image data from 3D models and iNaturalist to recognize video frames featuring bees to reduce video analysis and image extraction time from hours to minutes.

    JAN 2023 - JUN 2023

    Data Scientist @ Vintra, Inc. (acq. Alarm.com)

      • Built the Cloud Product User Activity Dashboard (Tableau) to display user activity on the cloud product; created an automated ETL pipeline (Google Apps Scripts) utilizing Vintra’s API to access the cloud product database (MongoDB)
      • Innovated the Density Mapping Tool to dynamically change Tableau backgrounds based on applied aggregations through the development of non-OOTB features in Tableau (Google Cloud Storage)
      • Built and designed the North Star Metric KPI’s Dashboard (Tableau) for the internal product team and an end-to-end batch processing pipeline to handle processes from file ingestion to refreshing the dashboard’s data.
      • Developed a Density Mapping Tool utilizing object detection data from Vintra’s REST API; presented as a product demo to the VP of internal security at a large social media company with our head of sales.
    TableauGoogle Apps ScriptMongoDBSQLPythonGoogle Cloud Platform

    JUN 2021 - DEC 2022

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